Dining at The Home Ranch

As a homeowner at MLR you and your family are welcome to dine at The Home Ranch and enjoy the same world class cuisine that has made The Home Ranch one of the most beloved guest ranches in America.

Focusing on seasonal, farm fresh and local ingredients, the very popular Rocky Mountain cuisine is a big reason The Home Ranch guests return year after year. Indeed many of our guests have been coming back for over 15 years, some for more than 20.

Murphy Larsen homeowners can enjoy meals at The Home Ranch on a space-available basis. 48-hour notice for dinner and 24 hours for breakfast and lunch is preferred. Every effort will be made to accommodate Murphy Larsen families during the peak Home Ranch weeks, but there will be times when this is not possible.

Catering and Special Event Planning

The Home Ranch can arrange for special events and catered meals. Sufficient notice and scheduling will need to be worked out with the HR kitchen and the Homeowner.

Neighbors’ Nights

From time to time, The Home Ranch hosts special dinners for MLR Homeowners and other guests.